Generations of Innovation for Laundries Worldwide

Tingue, Brown & Co. is a leading global supplier of high quality commercial laundry products and dedicated services. Family-owned and operated since its founding in 1902, Tingue, Brown & Co. has earned a golden reputation for integrity, loyalty and ingenuity spanning four generations of Tingue family leadership.

Built on roots as one of America's largest felt manufacturers, Tingue, Brown & Co. is a product development pioneer with a long tradition of innovation. In the late 19th century, William J. Tingue and his brother John had developed the fine upholstery material that lined every luxurious Pullman passenger coach during the heyday of the railroads. Nearly all of the aprons, pads, covers, belts and accessories now keeping flatwork ironers running all over the world owe their existence to a Tingue, Brown & Co. innovation. The sling systems and molded plastic carts that have become essential for handling and transporting laundry were once Tingue, Brown & Co. product introductions. Today, the company focuses its research efforts on high quality products for flatwork ironers and other finishing equipment. Company engineers pride themselves on devising new approaches and product advances that solve maintenance troubles, extend ironer life, promote worker safety and boost productivity.

Yet little of this non-stop product development surge would be possible without the company's renowned team of sales representatives. Recognized as experts in the field, Tingue, Brown & Co. sales professionals are often the first to uncover a troublesome maintenance issue in the laundry or recognize a change in the type or volume of material being processed that might require a new product to keep the ironer running as smoothly as possible. While companies in every industry reconsider the role of the sales person, Tingue, Brown & Co. remains a staunch advocate of its sales team and is fully committed to providing the personal, face to face customer service that only a knowledgeable sales person can offer for years to come. These dedicated sales people are not only skilled in assessing maintenance needs but they are expert in specifying the ideal product for the process and they personally install everything to ensure it is done safely and properly. With more than 30 fully trained sales representatives on staff, Tingue, Brown & Co. is the only company capable of offering this level of personal service and expertise to laundries throughout the country and the world.

A case study in the American entrepreneurial spirit

Lillian Tingue was upset with the finish on work from a commercial laundry. Her husband William J. Tingue, Jr., who was supplying fine quality felts to the piano and printing industries with partner William Brown, realized the problem could be solved by installing finer quality felt padding on the flatwork ironer. Though he'd presented the case for premium quality paddings to commercial laundries before - with no success - Tingue knew that if Mrs. Tingue was unhappy, he reasoned, then many other customers were probably just as unhappy. Tingue talked with the owner of the commercial laundry and he agreed to test the fine quality Tingue, Brown & Co. felt padding. By recognizing a market opportunity, knocking on doors and refusing to quit, he received the company's first order for "10 pads, White Felt", on April 1, 1902. Thousands upon thousands of orders later, Tingue, Brown & Co. still approaches each customer as a supplier of quality products and ideas that solve problems and create opportunities for increased profitability.
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