Tingue, Brown & Co. is a leading global supplier of high quality finishing equipment products and dedicated services for modern commercial laundries. The family-owned company develops, manufactures and stocks hundreds of different flatwork ironer products for every type of flatwork ironer and textile material to promote high throughput rates with low maintenance, important energy savings and great care for worker safety.

Tingue, Brown & Co. is well known for its expert staff of dedicated sales representatives. More than 30 members serve commercial laundries all over North America (and the world!) with a high level of personal attention that is unmatched in the industry. Rely on your Tingue, Brown & Co. representative for guidance on product specification, ironer maintenance and fast delivery, plus complete installation.
"This is a company built on integrity, loyalty and ingenuity...the time-tested values that drive business success in any century." - David Tingue, CEO
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